All members and member guests must be certified to climb by successfully passing tests administered by either a volunteer staff member or member of the board of directors.

It is solely the member’s responsibility to ensure they have been properly tested and that their successful performance on the required test has been properly recorded in their member documentation.

Required certifications include:

1. Belay Test:
All belayers will be tested and certified prior to being allowed to belay within the facility. Two belay tests are offered:

  • Top Rope Belay Test

  • Lead Belay Test

2. Lead Climbing Test: 
Prior to engaging in lead climbing, the member must pass a lead climbing test.

3. Auto Belay Test:
Prior to using the installed Auto Belay devices, members need to receive instruction in the proper use of auto belay equipment. The auto belay units are manufactured by TruBlue.

When to get certified

Gym volunteers are on site Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. Certifications can be completed at that time. To inquire about scheduling another time to complete certifications, please email summitclimbing970@gmail.com.