From time to time we’re approached by organizations that would like to bring groups of children into the gym to expose them to climbing and teach them the basics.  Below are our basic rules and requirements for a group program:

  1. There must be 1 adult for every 4 children.  (A “child” is defined as being under 16 years old.)

  2. Maximum group size is 20 people (16 children and 4 adults).

  3. Adults/group leaders must be certified by Summit Climbing Gym (SCG) staff prior to belaying their group members in the gym.

  4. Top-rope climbing and bouldering only. No lead climbing is allowed.

  5. Groups will only be allowed to use the gym at pre-approved times, both so that members can be notified in advance and so that groups aren’t using the gym during peak hours.

  6. We offer a discounted rate of $10 per child per session.

  7. SCG does not provide any climbing equipment or training.

  8. Each participant must have an online MindBody account with a waiver signed by a parent, as well as a signed waiver from their program.  (You can sign up here.)

  9. The host group must add Summit Climbing Gym as an additional insured to their general liability insurance policy and provide SCG with a certificate of insurance evidencing this.

Please email us at if you’d like to learn more.